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Gateway Church was established in 1989 by Pastor Fred Sharrett. Pastor Fred and his two brothers grew up singing with one another, and eventually took their talents to the road. They travelled all over the country by bus to bring the gospel to different gatherings by song. He heard the call to plant a church in Suwanee, GA as the family decided to settle and put their tour on hold. Back then, the church was called Faith Chapel, and was a part of the Assembly of God denomination. Over the years, the name and locations have changed, but the biblical beliefs have remained the same, as is the purpose of the church to shine the light of Jesus.


Recently, Pastor Fred has taken a new position at the church of Care Pastor. He has humbly passed the role and responsibilities of Lead Pastor to his second born son, Jordan. Jordan is married to Nikki, and they have 2 children - Jackson and Grayson. Pastor Jordan graduated from Lee University where he studied communications and Bible. He has been preaching since he was 16, and has a passion for the local church to be the light of the world.

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